Dined with family friends at the Boat Shed Restaurant in Bremerton, WA, about an hour away by car but only 10 minutes (or less!) by boat. As the name suggests, the restaurant provides a dock, making it popular with Puget Sound boaters.

Standard grill house fare–you aren’t visiting for the food. The popularity of a place as destination.

We mentally classify places as being too far away, but this classification is dependent on available transportation. What is our baseline for transportation? If you have the money and inclination, the cities of the world are open to you. Or if you have a boat, you can visit the Boat Shed.

Locals arrive by car, non-locals arrive by boat. The ebb and flow of geographies enabled by weather: More non-locals in the summer, during boating weather. The disparity in demographics and socioeconomic background in locals versus non-locals. Slight? Significant? Whose turf is it, anyway? Do we cede locations to tourists during tourist season? How does the built environment adapt to a planned/expected influx of people who won’t already know how to use it? (Related: Pictograms and signs.)