August 2008

To which we cling.

Farmer’s Cow Iced Tea makes a lot less sense if you are not already familiar with Farmer’s Cow brand items.

How proprietary will the future be? Are standards heading towards convergence (universal Bluetooth payment!) or away (a different card for every business!)?

In the words of a chubby 12-year-old: “It’s Vanessa! She’s in every commercial! Like every commercial! And no one likes her!

How quickly celebrities enter and leave the zeitgeist.

This looks incredibly dangerous. It contains copper sulphate, sodium chloride (salt), and potassium chloride. You are burning these things. The implications of marketing dangerous or potentially dangerous substances as entertainment.

Scars on the built environment. Infrastructure attempting to blend in.

So this poster is ostensibly about a family eating at Friendly’s, an ice-cream-centered casual dining chain in the northeast. The top two pictures are of the family and feature cute captions. The top photo is captioned “summer ’08”; the bottom is “Dad’s favorite flavor.” Then below these two photos is one of a black kid, maybe about 13, eating a hamburger. Is he part of the family? Well, probably not. Is this just an amazingly ham-fisted attempt at diversity in advertising? I think so, especially bearing in mind the headline: “When they say back to school, we say BACK TO SUMMER.” Which, unless you’re moving to Australia, is factually incorrect.

Also I am amazed that their corporate slogan is “Where ice cream makes the meal.” Also factually incorrect, not to mention an unhealthy dinner.

Pop out arrows; the signs as adaptable to the built environment. Improved ease-of-use and lower cost.

The ability to understand despite 100% recognition. The use of a variety of cues (red color, typeface, backlighting, placement, form factor) to ensure sufficient recognition.

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