In-store displays used to acclimate consumers to changes in how an existing product is sold and used. The in-store display as advertisement in-and-of itself.

The benefits of concentrated detergent: Bottles contain double the usable detergent and can be sold for double the price, but weigh the same and take up the same amount of space. The amount of waste is halved. Companies come off as concerned about the environment but benefit monetarily from the change in logistics (sell fewer bottles to make more money).

But all for naught if consumers don’t accept the new way of doing things. See also Wal-Mart’s recent new milk jug, which are cheaper, greener, provide fresher milk, and easier to ship and store—but difficult to pour, to the extent that Wal-Mart had to hold in-store tutorials along with the roll-out.

See also the re-education of consumers through the re-positioning of an existing product.