This modification of the built environment is temporally based. The art is only “complete” for a certain amount of time each day, and then only if the sun is sufficiently strong. But this is more than just a clever manipulation of space and time: By tying itself to the cycles of the sun, the piece forces us to recognize the rhythms so often absent from an always-on world.

The method it uses is also clever: An instantly recognizable character from the pop culture zeitgeist. What benefit exists in forcing the consumer or end user to think? Figuring something out requires mental energy, therefore investment, thereby creating some sort of tie to an object or brand.

The other cleverness to this is that this meme can be modified and passed on. Is this the start of a grand art collection of Mayan-style shadow-art, spreading slowly across the streets and sidewalks of the world?

[flickr via Neatorama via Gawker. Thanks, Mom!]