Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport, early morning.

This Material World was in Paris visiting friends from November 21st through 29th, a trip that included ample time for on-the-ground research. Paris is a city rich in history and culture, and its information architecture is just as interesting to examine as the architecture of its monuments and museums. For the few weeks following the trip, this blog is devoting itself to the full-fledged posts compiled from my photos and notes from the trip, writing on everything from the Paris Metro to constrained-choice systems. After exhausting the Paris material, the blog (and custom header) will return to its usual more inclusive (American) lens.

Dateline: PARIS posted on 11/30/08

Know Thy Audience, II (CDG) posted on 12/01/08

Know Thy Audience, III (CDG) posted on 12/02/08

Information Architecture (CDG) posted on 12/02/08

Compound Pictograms (CDG) posted on 12/03/08

Staticness and Dynamism in Urban Fabric posted on 12/04/08

Parisian Vending Machine Norms posted on 12/04/08

Parisian Drink Delivery Norms posted on 12/05/08

Form and Content posted on 12/06/08

Freshness in Signage (DRP) posted on 12/07/08

Know Thy Audience, IV (DRP) posted on 12/10/08

DOT Arrows (DRP) posted on 12/12/08

Slippery Global Brands (DRP) posted on 12/21/08

Aping Reality (DRP) posted on 12/21/08

Edible Branding? (DRP) posted on 12/21/08

– Explicit Rules (DRP) posted on 12/21/08

– Boardwalk Candy Palace (DRP) posted on 12/21/08

Future Boarding Past (DRP) posted on 12/22/08

Lies Upon Lies (DRP) posted on 12/22/08

Contextualizing Pictograms posted on 12/23/08

Blank posted on 12/23/08

Static posted on 12/23/08

Seams posted on 12/23/08

The Problem With Bike Lanes posted on 12/24/08

Building Constrained-Choice Systems posted on 12/24/08

Parisian Street Furniture posted on 12/26/08

Memo To Globalizing Corporations posted on 12/26/08

Constrained-Choice Redux posted on 12/26/08

Penned Up posted on 12/30/08

Open-Choice Systems posted on 12/30/08

Improvised Pictograms posted on 12/30/08

Constrained-Choice Redux, II posted on 12/30/08

America Abroad, Pt. 1 posted on 12/31/08

Parisian Herds posted on 12/31/08

America Abroad, Pt. 2 posted on 12/31/08

Parisian ATM Norms posted on 01/02/09

Bringing the Inside Out posted on 01/02/09

Funereal Architecture posted on 01/04/09

Trash Pictograms posted on 01/05/09

Our Proxies, Our Selves posted on 01/08/09


Posts marked “CDG” concern Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport, while those marked “DRP” are about the Disneyland Resort Paris. Posts without notation are about Paris, the city proper.

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